Nancy T. Baker

A Gift

A Gift

"These paintings are spiritual. The distance and space in her work calls to something inside of us, that is familiar yet far away and unknowable.  It’s the way she establishes the formal design elements that makes this possible. She seems to ask if we can abide in such a space, the space of the unknown, and just be. It is the heart of spirituality and the power of these paintings."

— Tom Morris, Professor of Fine Art, Corcoran College of Art

"Nancy Baker's Covered Ground Series has connected with people like no other show that I've been a part of. We are all on a journey, an emotional roller coaster through life, but few of us express it. Her willingness to share her most personal feelings led gallery visitors to tears because a painting or a story in her book wrenched their heart. In divided times she reminds us, in her piece "Broken", "We are all in this together."

— Dona Bergen, Director, Mars Hall Gallery

"Nancy Baker has been our art teacher for the better part of fifteen years, beginning when we were in second grade, and now as young adults. 

She approaches art education with generosity, humility, rigor, and joy. She is invested in the development of her student’s technical skills and artistic sensibilities. Like all great teachers, she finds and nurtures our strengths. Her enthusiasm for art and for us made possible an environment where we’ve developed a sacred relationship with our own creativity. 

We can say in full confidence that we are not only better artists but better people for having the privilege to experience directly the authenticity, humanity, and wisdom Ms. Baker brings to every aspect of her life and work."

— Ametisse Gover and Meredith Gallo, Students

"The drawings, paintings, and mixed-media doorways in Nancy Baker’s Covered Ground series are nothing short of remarkable. Conceived during a long solo hike in Portugal, the exhibition creates a sense of movement through time and space that is magical. As viewers walk from the first painting to the last (or read the book she wrote to accompany the exhibition), they are by turns surprised, charmed, and deeply moved. You come away with the illusion that you too have walked 425 miles, seeing and feeling what the artist saw and felt. In allowing us to share her joy of discovery and feel the intensity of her responses to the places she visited, Nancy Baker gives us an unforgettable glimpse of the mysterious power of a gifted artist to transplant the emotional essence of a subject from her imagination to ours."

— Patricia O’Toole, Collector